Leveraging the Power of Software-Defined Networking

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Diaan Kruger

Experienced Account Executive Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Cisco Meraki, Network Architecture, Local Area Network (LAN), WAN, Project Management, and Managed Services. Strong sales professional.


We use software daily to make our lives easier, manage our businesses better, and give us valuable insight and information to make faster decisions. Isn’t it time that you start using software on your network infrastructure to simplify, improve, and better manage your it?

Software-defined networking simplifies the operation and management of the many network connections between sites in an organisation. It gives you control over how traffic is directed and prioritised across multiple uplinks and enables your network to immediately and intelligently adapt to changing performance conditions. It ensures latency-sensitive traffic like VoIP or point-of-sale services have the throughput and optimization they and your business need. Software-defined networking can also give you instant access into your network’s health, visibility, and control over application usage both inside and between your networked sites. In short, software-defined networking is directly programmable, agile, centrally managed, and programmatically configured.

In this webinar, Diaan Kruger, will discuss how software-defined networking can simplify and improve your network infrastructure. He will also show you how software-defined networking will give you greater visibility into your network, and how having this visibility can become a great management tool for you and your business. He will also discuss how you don’t need to be a networking engineer or have a big team of IT specialists to manage your network. Finally, he will explain how you can easily manage your network remotely from a centralized platform.


Thus, if you have:

  • multiple sites depending on your networking infrastructure to do business, and/or
  • a medium to large backroom team using the internet daily, and/or
  • limited to no IT support, but need to manage a big networking infrastructure,

You will find this webinar insightful and informative. It is time that you start leveraging the power of software-defined networking!

Jurumani Solutions is a Cisco Partner.